Changing Things Up A Bit

I’ve been wondering how to make more use of this space lately. I haven’t had a lot of time to write a new post but I’ve been thinking I’d like to offer more with the space I have. I enjoy encouragement writing very much and I love when God puts a message on my heart to share with you all. I’ll be continuing to write those posts but I’ll also be adding other topics such as tips, how to’s, organization, recipes, and even some coupon opportunities. I think this space was always meant to be a “me too” kind of experience. A place where we can meet and share that feeling of wanting to do things right and feeling part of a larger picture but needing some ideas and inspiration to ‘get there’.

For me, that larger picture includes using my writing and organizing skills more frequently and partnering with other blog writers. I hope to bring more ways to encourage, inspire, and connect with you all! My goal for the blog will be to post about things women are interested in and make it a fun space to share!


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