Love Unlimited

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I read something a few weeks back about ‘loving all the way’. I wish I could remember where I read these words but it escapes me. The gist of the article was to love fully and intentionally. I haven’t been able to get this concept out of my mind. The words have tumbled around my brain quite a few times and I feel compelled by them.

We all love whether it’s loving family, friends, or places or things. I think the question that keeps poking at me is, how deep or far does our love go? When I’m feeling frustrated, mad, or disappointed, I wonder if I’ve reached my love limit. Let’s face it, we all have moments when we are ¬†acting like a lesser version of ourselves than we want to be. Co-workers are annoying, kids are irritating, and hubs didn’t take the trash out again…it takes a toll on our momentary compassion towards them but does it limit our love for them? I don’t believe so.

I think we have an unlimited supply of love in our reserves. We have the ability to compartmentalize our feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance, etc. from our true, deep ability to love. Do we get upset and aggravated? Absolutely. Do we mutter our annoyance under our breath? You better believe it. Does it make us feel better when we do it? That might be debatable. Depends on the offense and our mood.

But here is what is true. Our lives are better and we are at our best when we love all the way. How do I know this? Because we are loved all time, all the way by Jesus. His love reserve is never empty. His love for us is never ending. We are cherished. We are celebrated. Every day.

We might not be perfect, sinless human beings in fact, we definitely are not. But here’s where we can redeem ourselves. We can love others as fully as we are loved. We can love so deeply that we feel it down to our toes. We can forgive others the same way we have been forgiven. We can love someone all the way, no matter what, because we have the ability. It might be hard to show deep love at first. It might not feel genuine. It might feel like a sacrifice of our pride. It might feel unworthy of our time and energy. But it won’t be. It will be the best decision we ever make. It’s like a beautiful gift waiting to be given, opened, and shared and not just for the recipient but for the giver. Loving all the way is rewarding in heart and spirit. It’s what we are meant to do. Let’s not store up our love and save it for later or for some time in the future when we aren’t mad or annoyed. Love now. Love today. Love All The Way.




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