To Make Right


Last month I picked up a book called Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. It is a book about Ho’oponopono which translated is a Hawaiian word that means ‘to make right’.  Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process that focuses on love and forgiveness. In short the  book details the work of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who is a therapist that cured a ward of criminally insane people without ever meeting any of them. He used the Ho’oponopono cleaning process to basically say a four phrase prayer repeatedly in his mind which cleansed his thoughts and took the negative energy away from them returning those thoughts to zero.

By speaking four phrases over and over to divinity you are accepting responsibility for whatever part you have in the issue and asking for forgiveness. This in turns allow you to enter a state of being of loving yourself and thereby spreading love to the world exponentially.  The four phrases are

  •  ‘I’m sorry’
  • ‘please forgive me’
  • ‘I love you’
  • ‘thank you’

Dr. Len read over the cases of the criminally insane and used these cleansing thoughts over and over again. By improving himself, he improved the lives of others. Eventually that ward was closed as the patients improved and were freed.

Weird, right? I’ve given you the most basic form of the story and how Ho’oponopono works but it is mind boggling to wrap your head around. I was fascinated by the book and read it entirely in one sitting. I tested the phrases out prayerfully in my head over the following weeks. And I found out that I could pray these phrases internally and increase my own feelings of love and gratitude towards myself and others. I don’t know if I would call it cleaning my thoughts as I tend to think that sounds odd and flaky. I guess I’d say it was a constant flow of prayer that brought about peace and serenity in my heart and soul.

When I found myself in conflict with someone, I would repeat those prayers and the situation seemed to naturally decelerate. A positive vibe flowed in to the situation as my heart softened toward that person. I would dare say those good vibrations were passed along to the next people we encountered. It works!

I don’t think we all need to become experts in every facet of Ho’oponopono to practice the basic tenets. It’s all about love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Of course we learn all of these in the bible. The most amazing part of my journey with it has been in watching scenes unfold with the knowledge that I am actively participating in spreading love and positivity in that very moment.  We live in a world where we need all the love, forgiveness, and gratitude we can muster. And we can help muster it!

This week try praying the four phrases as you go about your day. See how you can effect a positive change through the power of prayer.

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